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Bite & Release: the Complete Series

Bite & Release

Ryan Chase left Fairbanks, Alaska, when she was 21 years old to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Somewhere along the way her dreams of stardom crashed and burned, along with her life.

Thirteen years later she is forced to return to Fairbanks because her unforgiving and emotionally-distant father has suddenly died. Ryan seizes the opportunity to not only escape her abusive husband but to be able to attend her best friend's wedding. What could go wrong? It's only Fairbanks, Alaska...

While wishing she was anywhere but her father's funeral and wake, Ryan is struck senseless by a stunning, drop-dead gorgeous man. Her thoughts turn carnal and she desperately wants to know him in every way—and position—possible. There's only one problem...

He's the devil's spawn.

He's the one who marked her for life.

He's the kid she used to babysit.

And he's hotter than hell!

Shea Michaels has loved Ryan Chase for most of his life. After surviving an unspeakable childhood, he became a man of whom she could be proud of...if she ever came back.

Now that she's returned, Shea pursues her with a vengeance, undaunted by the thirteen year age difference that Ryan uses as the shield between them.

Confusion, guilt, and lust bombard Ryan as she battles the memories of the little boy she used to know while still being drawn to the heart-stopping man he has become.

Book 2: The Reason I Breathe

*This is Shea's POV. It is highly recommended you read Bite & Release first

I waited my entire life for one singular moment.

Everything I had endured—all the pain and suffering—I would go through it all again,

if I knew she was waiting for me.

Ryan Chase was the only woman I ever loved.

My obsession. My desire.

When she came home . . . loving her hadn't been easy.

The road to our particular happiness was paved with boulders.

I became whom she needed me to be. Whom she wanted.

Marriage and children— they were a dream we both shared.

Until a nightmare threatened to take it all away.

Is love supposed to be this hard?

How long before the person I'm pretending to be begins to crack?

I'm a liar. A fraud.

He is surfacing.

She's the only reason I survived. I lived.

She is the reason I breathe.

Now, when she needs me the most—I'm transforming into the person

I thought I'd buried years before.

I can't be without her. She gives me purpose and makes me whole.

Nevertheless, the universe chose a different route. God had a different plan.

And right now, I'm pissed at them both

Book 3: Bite & Release 3:

Riley Michaels fought to be born, and the struggle never quite ended. The only son of Shea and Ryan Michaels, he has spent his entire twenty years attempting not to walk in his father’s shoes, except in taking over the family veterinarian business. Riley’s days are consumed with books, school, and work. He’s also harboring a secret—one no one will understand, especially his dad. Now his life has become even more complicated. His world of tranquility will be shaken and his resolve tested.

Gabriella Tobin knows nothing about Riley, but everything about his father. She is attractive, hardworking, and has never wanted for anything. Being treated like a princess every day made each moment effortless, but now that she knows the truth, nothing can quell the ache in her heart. Her entire life is a lie. Working as a veterinarian is satisfying, but that alone can’t extinguish the grief she’s suffered the last year. Now, at thirty and looking for a change of scenery as well as an escape, she thinks Alaska may be the answer. But Gabe too holds a secret so dark it could destroy everyone around her.

Reese by Cory Cyr


Reese Hunter, often dubbed the “nice” one among his best friends, has given up on ever finding his happily ever after. After several failed attempts at love, he’s decided to focus his energy on the business of VIP—and having multiple sex partners. Having been a successful trainer for years, at only twenty-six, he’s forced to take the reins and become the boss. Almost two years later, he still expects Harriet the Hun, the tyrant partner from hell, to arrive and set his ideal world ablaze. But the normally even-tempered, fun-loving man has changed. And when Harriet finally arrives, she is met with a very hostile environment.

Harriet “Harry” Wellington has been berating men for years while she’s climbed the rungs of the business ladder. At forty, this British billionaire and single mother has decided to personally check in on the one company in which she can’t seem to control the men. When she faces the gorgeous and very elusive Reese, she has met her match. The rift between them runs deep—until she almost drowns and he saves her life. This single deed turns their rivalry into a friendship that becomes physical, leaving both baffled and in denial. As tensions begin to lessen and their war of wills bends toward passion, what began as adversarial quickly evolves into something much more than they ever bargained for.

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Reese by Cory Cyr

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